Composite structures, Tập 154, Số 1, 2016-10

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Micro–macro mechanical relations in Palmetto wood by numerical homogenisation /Erick I. Saavedra Flores a , Sandip Haldar b, ⇑
4 Validation of a Representative Volume Element for unidirectional fiber- reinforced composites: Case of a monotonic traction in its cross section /Lina Riaño ⇑ , Lenaïk Belec, Yoann Joliff
5 First investigation on mixed cracks and failure modes in multi-bolted FRP plates /S. Russo
6 Highly anisotropic corrugated laminates deflection under uniform pressure /C. Thurnherr ⇑ , Y. Mirabito, G. Kress, P. Ermanni
7 Micro/macro-mechanical analysis of the interface of composite structures by a differential quadrature hierarchical finite element method /Cuiyun Liu a , Bo Liu b, ⇑ , Teng Kang b , Yufeng Xing
8 Moisture effects on the bending fatigue of laminated composites /Maozhou Meng a,b , Huirong Le a, ⇑ , Stephen Grove b , M. Jahir Rizvi
9 Sandwich structured ceramic matrix composites with periodic cellular ceramic cores: an active cooled thermal protection for space vehicles /Luca Ferrari a,c , Maurizio Barbato a , Burkard Esser b , Ivaylo Petkov b , Markus Kuhn b , Sandro Gianella c , Jorge Barcena d , Christina Jimenez d , Daniele Francesconi e , Volker Liedtke f , Alberto Ortona a, ⇑
10 An experimental and numerical study on scaling effects in the low velocity impact response of CFRP laminates /Z. Xu a , F. Yang a , Z.W. Guan a, ⇑ , W.J. Cantwell b
11 Progressive failure analysis for thin-walled composite beams under fatigue loads /Juan A. Rivera a , Enrique Aguilar b , Diego Cárdenas b , Hugo Elizalde b , Oliver Probst
12 Response of continuous concrete beams internally prestressed with unbonded FRP and steel tendons /Tiejiong Lou a, ⇑ , Sergio M.R. Lopes a , Adelino V. Lopes
13 A framework for design and optimization of tapered composite structures. Part I: From individual panel to global blending structure /Zhao Jing a,b , Qin Sun a, ⇑ , Vadim V. Silberschmidt b
14 Mechanical effects of microchannels on fiber-reinforced composite structure /Muhammad-Umar Saeed, Bin-Bin Li, Zhao-Feng Chen ⇑
15 Hybrid versus FR laminate channel section columns – Buckling and postbuckling behaviour /Tomasz Kubiak ⇑ , Radoslaw J. Mania
16 A serendipity plate element free of modeling deficiencies for the analysis of laminated composites /João Elias Abdalla Filho a, ⇑ , Ivan Moura Belo b , John O. Dow a
17 The effect of thickness of Nylon 6,6 nanofibrous mat on Modes I–II fracture mechanics of UD and woven composite laminates /T. Brugo a , R. Palazzetti
18 Free vibration of sandwich beams with soft core A.A. Khdeir Professor ⇑ , O.J. Aldraihem Professor
19 The GDQ method for the free vibration analysis of arbitrarily shaped laminated composite shells using a NURBS-based isogeometric approach /Francesco Tornabene ⇑ , Nicholas Fantuzzi, Michele Bacciocchi
20 Linear and non-linear dynamic instability of functionally graded plate subjected to non-uniform loading /Rajesh Kumar a , S.C. Dutta b , S.K. Panda b, ⇑
21 Compressive behaviour of unconstrained and constrained integral-skin closed-cell aluminium foam /Isabel Duarte a, ⇑ , Matej Vesenjak b , Lovre Krstulovic´-Opara c
22 Quasi-3D beam models for the computation of eigenfrequencies of functionally graded beams with arbitrary boundary conditions Fiorenzo A. Fazzolari 1
23 Finite element study on the impact responses of concrete masonry unit walls strengthened with fiber-reinforced polymer composite materials /Dongkeun Lee a , Alex Hak-Chul Shin b,
24 Finite element prediction of stress transfer in graphene nanocomposites: The interface effect /K.N. Spanos, N.K. Anifantis ⇑
25 Research on fatigue performance of CFRP reinforced steel crane girder /Qing-Rui Yue, Yun Zheng, Xuan Chen, Xiao-Gang Liu ⇑ National Engineering Research Center for Steel Construction, Central Research Institute of Buil
26 Mechanical properties of polylactic acid (PLA) composites reinforced with unidirectional flax and flax-paper layers /Adrien Couture, Gilbert Lebrun ⇑ , Luc Laperrière
27 Koiter asymptotic analysis of multilayered composite structures using mixed solid-shell finite elements /Domenico Magisano, Leonardo Leonetti, Giovanni Garcea ⇑
28 A computational micromechanics approach to evaluate elastic properties of composites with fiber-matrix interface damage /Néstor Darío Barulich a,b , Luis Augusto Godoy a,c, ⇑ , Patricia Mónica Dardati b
29 Experimental and numerical investigation on the thermal conduction properties of 2.5D angle-interlock woven composites /Kai Dong a , Kui Liu a,b , Lijian Pan a , Bohong Gu a , Baozhong Sun a, ⇑
30 Damping properties of bi-dimensional sandwich structures with multi-layered frequency-dependent visco-elastic cores /Ayodele Adessina a , Mohamed Hamdaoui b, ⇑ , Chao Xu d , El Mostafa Daya b,c
31 A hybrid Bézier based multi-step method and differential quadrature for 3D transient response of variable stiffness composite plates Y. Heydarpour, M.M. Aghdam ⇑
32 MITC9 shell finite elements with miscellaneous through-the-thickness functions for the analysis of laminated structures /E. Carrera a,b , M. Cinefra a, ⇑ , G. Li a , G.M. Kulikov b
33 Lateral crushing behaviour and theoretical prediction of thin-walled rectangular and square tubes /T.N. Tran ⇑ , T.N.T. Ton
34 Dynamic response of functionally graded material shells with a discrete double directors shell element /A. Frikha ⇑ , M. Wali, A. Hajlaoui, F. Dammak
35 Scale-wavenumber domain filtering method for curvature modal damage detection /Zhi-Bo Yang a,b,c, ⇑ , Maciej Radzienski c , Pawel Kudela c , Wieslaw Ostachowicz c,d
36 An extended phantom node method study of crack propagation of composites under fatigue loading /Chen Wang 1 , Xiwu Xu
37 Fatigue performance of NSM CFRP strips embedded in concrete using epoxy adhesive /Nihad Tareq Khshain Al-Saadi a,b , Riadh Al-Mahaidi a
38 Progressive damage analysis of a rate-dependent hybrid composite beam /Giovanni Belingardi a , Hadi Mehdipour a, ⇑ , Enrico Mangino b , Brunetto Martorana b
39 Geometrically nonlinear analysis of arbitrarily straight-sided quadrilateral FGM plates /L.W. Zhang a,b, ⇑ , K.M. Liew b,c, ⇑ , J.N. Redd
40 On global bending–shear core transition effects for the vibroacoustic of sandwich structures: Analytical and numerical investigations /O. Baho a,b,1 , Z. Zergoune a,b,1 , M.N. Ichchou b, ⇑ , B. Harras a , R. Benamar c , B. Troclet d , O. Bareille b
41 Nonlinear dynamic analysis for multi-storey RC structures with hybrid base isolation systems in presence of bi-directional ground motions /Donato Cancellara, Fabio De Angelis ⇑
42 Compressive behavior of FRP-confined concrete-encased steel columns /T. Yu a, ⇑ , G. Lin b , S.S. Zhang a
43 A unified analysis for the transient response of composite laminated curved beam with arbitrary lamination schemes and general boundary restraints /Dong Shao a , Shenghai Hu a , Qingshan Wang a, ⇑ , Fuzhen Pang b
44 Economic-design optimization of cross laminated timber plates with ribs /Andjelka Stanic´, Blazˇ Hudobivnik, Boštjan Bran
45 Nonlinear dynamical analysis of 3D textiles based on second order gradient homogenized media /H. Reda a,b , Y. Rahali c , J.F. Ganghoffer a, ⇑ , H. Lakiss b
46 Size-dependent behaviour of functionally graded microbeams using various shear deformation theories based on the modified couple stress theory /Luan C. Trinh a,b , Hoang X. Nguyen a , Thuc P. Vo a,c, ⇑ , Trung-Kien Nguyen b
47 2D and 3D shell models for the free vibration investigation of functionally graded cylindrical and spherical panels /N. Fantuzzi a , S. Brischetto b, ⇑ , F. Tornabene a , E. Viola a
48 Three-dimensional analysis of thick functionally graded piezoelectric plate using EFG method /Salahaldin Mikaeeli, Bashir Behjat ⇑
49 A homogenized model for the post-breakage tensile behavior of laminated glass /Laura Galuppi a , Gianni Royer-Carfagni a,b, ⇑
50 Asymptotic analysis on flexural dynamic characteristics for a laminated composite plate with embedded and perforated periodically viscoelastic damping material core /X.Q. Zhou a , D.Y. Yu a, ⇑ , X.Y. Shao a , S.Q. Zhang b , S. Wang c
51 Elastic deformation of fiber-reinforced multi-layered composite conical shell of variable stiffness /Abera Tullu a , Tae-Wan Ku b , Beom-Soo Kang a, ⇑
52 Time to flutter theory for viscoelastic composite aircraft wings /Craig G. Merrett
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