Composite structures, Tập 153, Số 1, 2016-10

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Development of a novel cyanoacrylate injection repair procedure for composites /P.G. Slattery, C.T. McCarthy, R.M. O’Higgins ⇑
4 Debonding of CFRP-to-steel joints with CFRP delamination /Jun He, Guijun Xian
5 The effect of embedded devices on structural integrity of composite laminates /Yi Xiao a, ⇑ , Wenjing Qiao a , Hiroshi Fukuda b , Hiroshi Hatta c
6 Investigating the performance of PVA and basalt fibre reinforced beams subjected to flexural action /Nasir Shafiq a, ⇑ , Tehmina Ayub b , Sadaqat Ullah Khan
7 Estimation of transverse shear force during slamming impacts on a simply supported composite panel using a strain derivative method /T. Allen ⇑ , M. Battley
8 Fatigue performance of CFRP patched pre-cracked steel plates after extreme environmental exposure /D. Borrie a, ⇑ , X.L. Zhao a , R.K. Singh Raman b , Y. Bai a
9 High velocity impact test of a hybrid sandwich composite shield with unrestrained boundary fabric /Jin-Bum Moon a , Soon Ho Yoon a , Chun-Gon Kim b, ⇑
10 Modal density and mode counts of sandwich panels in thermal environments /Jingyong Han, Kaiping Yu ⇑ , Xiangyang Li, Rui Zhao
11 Development of a composite prototype with GFRP profiles and sandwich panels used as a floor module of an emergency house /Hassan Abdolpour a, ⇑ , Julio Garzón-Roca b , Gonçalo Escusa a , José M. Sena-Cruz a , Joaquim A.O. Barros a , Isabel B. Valente a
12 Damping mechanism of elastic–viscoelastic–elastic sandwich structures /Zhicheng Huang a,b , Zhaoye Qin a , Fulei Chu a, ⇑
13 Numerical modelling of hybrid elastomeric composite panels subjected to blast loadings /Phuong Tran ⇑ , Tuan D. Ngo, Abdallah Ghazlan
14 Structural optimisation of vertical-axis wind turbine composite blades based on finite element analysis and genetic algorithm /Lin Wang a, ⇑ , Athanasios Kolios a , Takafumi Nishino a , Pierre-Luc Delafin a , Theodore Bird
15 A nonlinear finite element formulation for large deflection analysis of 2D composite structures /Amine Tiar a , Wajdi Zouari b, ⇑ , Hocine Kebir a , Rezak Ayad c
16 Bond-based peridynamic modeling of composite laminates with arbitrary fiber orientation and stacking sequence /Y.L. Hu, E. Madenci
17 Acoustic responses of the composite sandwich plates with lattice truss core to the subsonic turbulent boundary layer /Xiongtao Cao a, ⇑ , Hongxing Hua b
18 Piezoelectric energy harvester composite under dynamic bending with implementation to aircraft wingbox structure /M. Akbar ⇑ , J.L. Curiel-Sosa
19 Experimental study of hybrid soft ballistic structures /Piotr Ke˛dzierski a, ⇑ , Roman Gieleta a , Andrzej Morka a , Tadeusz Niezgoda a , Zbigniew Surma b
20 Energy-based analytical formulation for the prediction of end debonding in strengthened steel beams /Massimiliano Bocciarelli, Pierluigi Colombi ⇑ , Giulia Fava, Lisa Sonzogni
21 Analytical method for the axial crushing force of fiber-reinforced tapered square metal tubes /L.W. Ying, F.P. Yang, X. Wang ⇑
22 A rational derivation of dynamic higher order equations for functionally graded micropolar plates /Hossein Abadikhah, Peter D. Folkow ⇑
23 Semi-analytical solutions for static analysis of piezoelectric laminates /Sameer Sawarkar a , Sandeep Pendhari b , Yogesh Desai a, ⇑
24 An analytical model for nanoscale unimorph piezoelectric energy harvesters with flexoelectric effect /K.F. Wang a, ⇑ , B.L. Wang a,b
25 Multiple closed loop recycling of carbon fibre composites with the HiPerDiF (High Performance Discontinuous Fibre) method /Marco L. Longana ⇑ , Natalie Ong, HaNa Yu, Kevin D. Potter
26 Three-dimensional Voronoi model of a nacre-mimetic composite structure under impulsive loading /Abdallah Ghazlan, Tuan D. Ngo, Phuong Tran ⇑
27 Thermal cycling effects on the durability of a pultruded GFRP material for off-shore civil engineering structures /Sotirios A. Grammatikos a, ⇑ , Ryan G. Jones b , Mark Evernden b,c , Joao R. Correia d
28 High-temperature fatigue behaviour of notched quasi-isotropic thermoplastic and thermoset laminates: Influence of matrix ductility on damage mechanisms and stress distribution /B. Vieille ⇑ , W. Albouy, D. Bouscarrat, L. Taleb
29 Analytical three-dimensional solutions of anisotropic multilayered composite plates with modified couple-stress effect /Junhong Guo a , Jiangyi Chen b , Ernian Pan c, ⇑
30 Buckling and post-buckling analyses of piezoelectric hybrid microplates subject to thermo–electro-mechanical loads based on the modified couple stress theory /Jia Lou a , Liwen He a, ⇑ , Jianke Du a , Huaping Wu b
31 Multiscale homogenization for nearly periodic structures /Akinori Yoshimura a,b, ⇑ , Anthony M. Waas b , Yoshiyasu Hirano a
32 Effects of fiber orientation and wall thickness on energy absorption characteristics of carbon-reinforced composite tubes under different loading conditions /Yifan Wang a,c , Jiusheng Feng d , Jianghao Wu b,c , Dayong Hu b,
33 Experimental investigations and variability considerations on 3D interlock textile composites used in low velocity soft impact loading /F. Dau a, ⇑ , M.-L. Dano b , Y. Duplessis-Kergomard a
34 Deterioration of the FRP-to-concrete interface subject to moisture ingress: Effects of conditioning methods and silane treatment Shahrooz Amidi, Jialai Wang ⇑
35 Mechanical flexure behavior of bio-inspired collagen-reinforced thin composites /Mirit Sharabi a , David Varssano b , Rami Eliasy a , Yehuda Benayahu c , Dafna Benayahu d , Rami Haj-Ali a, ⇑
36 Sandwich structures with tunable damping properties: On the use of Shape Memory Polymer as viscoelastic core /Pauline Butaud, Emmanuel Foltête, Morvan Ouisse ⇑
37 An efficient reanalysis assisted optimization for variable-stiffness composite design by using path functions /Guanxin Huang, Hu Wang ⇑ , Guangyao Li
38 Sound-tracking of failure events in cross-ply composite laminates under tension /K. Bilge, B. Yilmaz, M. Papila ⇑
39 Free vibration analysis of FG nanoplates embedded in elastic medium based on second-order shear deformation plate theory and nonlocal elasticity /Monchai Panyatong a, ⇑ , Boonme Chinnaboon b , Somchai Chucheepsakul b
40 Detection and characterisation of delamination damage propagation in Woven Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite using thermoelastic response mapping /Ayad Kakei a,b , J.A. Epaarachchi a, ⇑ , Mainul Islam a , J. Leng d,e , N. Rajic c
41 Experimental modal analysis of a rotor with active composite blades /Andrzej Teter ⇑ , Jarosław Gawryluk
42 Predictive model for the spherical indentation of composite laminates with finite thickness /A. Wagih a,b, ⇑ , P. Maimí a , N. Blanco a , D. Trias a
43 Finite element analysis of CFRP laminates subjected to compression after edge impact /Benjamin Ostré a , Christophe Bouvet a, ⇑ , Clément Minot b , Jacky Aboissière b
44 Flapwise free vibration characteristics of a rotating composite thin- walled beam under aerodynamic force and hygrothermal environment /Y. Qin, X. Li, E.C. Yang, Y.H. Li ⇑
45 Numerical simulation of bond-slip interface and tension stiffening in GFRP RC tensile elements /I. Vilanova, L. Torres, M. Baena ⇑ , M. Llorens
46 Hierarchical one-dimensional finite elements for the thermal stress analysis of three-dimensional functionally graded beams /G. De Pietro a,b, ⇑ , Y. Hui a,b,c , G. Giunta a , S. Belouettar a , E. Carrera b , H. Hu c
47 Prediction of the notched strength of woven-ply PolyPhenylene Sulfide thermoplastic composites at a constant high temperature by a physically-based model /B. Vieille ⇑ , M. Chabchoub, D. Bouscarrat, C. Keller
48 A curved triangular element for nonlinear analysis of laminated shells /M. Rezaiee-Pajand ⇑ , E. Arabi
49 Effects of static preloads on the high velocity impact response of composite plates /Dominik Schueler ⇑ , Nathalie Toso-Pentecôte, Heinz Voggenreiter
50 Investigation of the coupled Lamb waves propagation in viscoelastic and anisotropic multilayer composites by Legendre polynomial method /Souhail Dahmen ⇑ , Morched Ben Amor, Mohamed Hédi Ben Ghozlen
51 Evaluation of elastic properties and thermal expansion coefficient of composites reinforced by randomly distributed spherical particles with negative Poisson’s ratio /Thê-Duong Nguyen a , Nguyen Dinh Duc b, ⇑
52 A novel compliant-body pump with a high volumetric efficiency /Zhen Yin, H. Ghoneim ⇑
53 A novel strengthening method for carbon fiber composite lattice truss structures /Qianqian Wu, Li Ma, Linzhi Wu, Jian Xiong ⇑
54 Maximizing the effective Young’s modulus of a composite material by exploiting the Poisson effect /Kai Long a,b , Xuran Du b,c , Shanqing Xu b , Yi Min Xie b,d, ⇑
55 Mechanical characteristics of deployable composite thin-walled lenticular tubes /Yu Hu a , Wujun Chen b, ⇑ , Ruixiong Li b , Guangqiang Fang c
56 Dynamic response of slender multilayer sandwich beams with metal foam cores subjected to low-velocity impact /Jianxun Zhang, Qinghua Qin ⇑ , Chunping Xiang, T.J. Wang ⇑
57 Pultruded GFRP double-lap single-bolt tension joints – Temperature effects on mean and characteristic failure stresses and knock-down factors /G.J. Turvey a, ⇑ , A. Sana a,b
58 Electrically conducting sandwich cylinder with a planar lattice core under prescribed eigenstrain and magnetic field /A.H. Akbarzadeh a,b, ⇑ , J.W. Fu c , L. Liu b , Z.T. Chen d , D. Pasini b, ⇑
59 Resonant frequency and flutter instability of a nanocantilever with the surface effects /Xian-Fang Li a,b, ⇑ , Jiaqi Zou a , Shu-Nong Jiang a , Kang Yong Lee b
60 Effect of stiffeners on nonlinear buckling of cylindrical shells with functionally graded coatings under torsional load /Pham Toan Thang ⇑ , T. Nguyen-Thoi
61 Modelling of NSM CFRP strips embedded in concrete using lap shear tests with epoxy adhesive /Nihad Tareq Khshain Al-Saadi a,b , Riadh Al-Mahaidi a, ⇑
62 Structural modeling and mechanical behavior of Metal-Porous- Polymer-Composites (MPPCs) with different polymer volume fractions /Yishi Su a , Zhiqiang Li a , Xiaolu Gong b , Qiubao Ouyang a , Qiang Guo a , Cuiping Guo a , Jie Zhang a , Di Zhang a, ⇑
63 Dynamic characterisation and modelling of the orthotropic self-reinforced polypropylene used in alternative FMLs /J. Iriondo ⇑ , L. Aretxabaleta, A. Aizpuru
64 Layerwise numerical and experimental impact analysis of temperature- dependent transversely flexible composite plates with embedded SMA wires in thermal environments /M. Shariyat ⇑ , A. Niknami
65 Guided wave propagation in an infinite functionally graded magneto- electro-elastic plate by the Chebyshev spectral element method /Dongliang Xiao, Qiang Han ⇑ , Yijie Liu, Chunlei Li
66 Vibration and bending analysis of multiferroic rectangular plates using third-order shear deformation theory /Yunying Zhou a , Jun Zhu b, ⇑
67 Corrigendum to ‘‘High-fidelity micro-scale modeling of the thermo- visco-plastic behavior of carbon fiber polymer matrix composites” [Compos Struct 134 (2015) 132–141] /Xiaoming Bai a,b , Miguel A. Bessa b , António R. Melro c , Pedro P. Camanho d,e , Licheng Guo a, ⇑ , Wing Kam Liu b, ⇑
68 Estimation of C(t) and the creep crack tip stress field of functionally graded materials and verification via finite element analysis /Huan Sheng Lai a,b, ⇑ , Kee Bong Yoon a
69 Flexural, torsional, and axial global stiffness properties of anisogrid lattice conical shells in composite material /G. Totaro
70 Buckling of composite domes with localised imperfections and subjected to external pressure /J. Błachut
71 Elastodynamic response for the multi-layered transversely isotropic piezoelectric solid subjected to time-harmonic loads /Jun Liu a,b,c,d, ⇑ , Pengchong Zhang a,b,c , Gao Lin a,b,c , Shan Lu a,b,c
72 Detection and characterization of delaminations in composite plates via air-coupled probes and warped-domain filtering N. Testoni a , L. De Marchi a , A. Marzani b, ⇑
73 Fatigue crack growth behavior of amorphous particulate reinforced composites /J. Nafar Dastgerdi a, ⇑ , G. Marquis a , S. Sankaranarayanan b , M. Gupta b
74 Generating a statistically equivalent representative volume element with discrete defects /David Tal ⇑ , Jacob Fish
75 Geometrically nonlinear isogeometric analysis of functionally graded plates based on first-order shear deformation theory considering physical neutral surface /Nam-Il Kim, Jaehong Lee ⇑
76 Dynamic and aeroelastic behavior of composite plates with multimode resonant shunted piezoceramics in series /L.S. Leão a , A.M.G. de Lima a, ⇑ , M.V. Donadon b , A.G. Cunha-Filho a a , A.M.G. de Lima a, ⇑ , M.V. Donadon b , A.G. Cunha-Filho a
77 Effect of notch on quasi-static and fatigue flexural performance of Twill E-Glass/Epoxy composite /A.T. Beyene, G. Belingardi, E.G. Koricho
78 Dynamic responses of SMA-epoxy composites and application for piezoelectric energy harvesting /Qingqing Lu a , Liwu Liu b , Xin Lan a , Yanju Liu b, ⇑ , Jinsong Leng
79 Probabilistic assessment of FRP-confined reinforced concrete columns /Hassan Baji a, ⇑ , Hamid Reza Ronagh b , Chun-Qing Li a
80 Evaluation and prediction of the tensile properties of continuous fiber-reinforced 3D printed structures /Garrett W. Melenka a , Benjamin K.O. Cheung a , Jonathon S. Schofield a , Michael R. Dawson b , Jason P. Carey a, ⇑
81 Analytical and finite element studies on behavior of FRP strengthened RC beams under torsion /Anand Ganganagoudar, Tarutal Ghosh Mondal, S. Suriya Prakash ⇑
82 Critical thrust force predictions during drilling: Analytical modeling and X-ray tomography quantification /Jamel Saoudi a,b , Redouane Zitoune a, ⇑ , Salah Mezlini b , Suhasini Gururaja c , Philippe Seitier a
83 Directional damage gradient modeling of fiber/matrix debonding in viscoelastic UD composites /B. Nedjar
84 Nonlinear analysis of size-dependent and material-dependent nonlocal CNTs /M.A. Eltaher a,b , S. El-Borgi c,d, ⇑ , J.N. Reddy e
85 The role of material characterisation in the crush modelling of thermoplastic composite structures /Wei Tan a,b , Brian G. Falzon b, ⇑ , Mark Price b , Haibao Liu b
86 Boundary layer state prediction of composite and sandwich plates via an enhanced higher-order shear deformation theory /Jun-Sik Kim a , Jang-Woo Han b , Maenghyo Cho b
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