Composite structures, Tập 152, Số 1, 2016-9

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 A two-scale method for predicting the mechanical properties of 3D braided composites with internal defects /Jiwei Dong a, ⇑ , Ningfei Huo
4 A novel method for topology design of tensegrity structures /Seunghye Lee, Jaehong Lee ⇑
5 Bond-flexural behaviour of structural nano-synthetic fibre-reinforced cementitious composites Su-Jin Lee, Se-Ho Kim, Jong-Pil Won ⇑
6 Effect of temperature and strain rate on single lap joints with dissimilar lightweight adherends bonded with an acrylic adhesive /R. Avendaño a , R.J.C. Carbas a,b , E.A.S. Marques a , L.F.M. da Silva b, ⇑ , A.A. Fernandes b
7 Size dependent buckling analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric cylindrical nanoshell /Fahimeh Mehralian a , Yaghoub Tadi Beni b, ⇑ , Reza Ansar
8 Buckling analysis of CNT reinforced functionally graded laminated composite plates /Z.X. Lei a,b , L.W. Zhang c, ⇑ , K.M. Liew b,d
9 Thermoelastic stability of freely supported functionally graded conical shells within the shear deformation theory /A.H. Sofiyev
10 Buckling analysis of laminated plate structures with elastic edges using a novel semi-analytical finite strip method /Qingyuan Chen a , Pizhong Qiao
11 Flexural behavior of an FRP sandwich system with glass-fiber skins and a phenolic core at elevated in-service temperature /Allan Manalo a, ⇑ , Swetha Surendar a , Gerard van Erp a , Brahim Benmokrane
12 Thermal cycling of (heated) fibre metal laminates /Bernhard Müller ⇑ , Michiel Hagenbeek, Jos Sinke
13 Constitutive behaviors and mechanical characterizations of fabric reinforced rubber composites /Heng Yang, Xue-Feng Yao ⇑ , Yu-Chao Ke, Yin-ji Ma, Ying-Hua Liu
14 Residual strength and damage characterization of repaired glass/epoxy composite laminates using A.E. and D.I.C /J. Jefferson Andrew a , V. Arumugam a , D.J. Bull b , H.N. Dhakal c, ⇑
15 Long-term behavior of fiber-reinforced-polymer-plated concrete beams under sustained loading: Analytical and experimental study / a , Sun-Kyu Park b, ⇑ a
16 Structural optimisation of composite wind turbine blade structures with variations of internal geometry configuration /R.H. Barnes, E.V. Morozov
17 Transient response analysis of cross-ply composite laminated rectangular plates with general boundary restraints by the method of reverberation ray matrix a , Fengyuan Hu b , Qingshan Wang a, ⇑ , Fuzhen Pang c , Shenghai Hu a
18 Metamodel-based approach for stochastic free vibration analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced plates /Enrique García-Macías a, ⇑ , Rafael Castro-Triguero b , Michael I. Friswell c , Sondipon Adhikari c , Andrés Sáez a
19 A review of recent researches on FGM cylindrical structures under coupled physical interactions, 2000–2015 /Hong-Liang Dai ⇑ , Yan-Ni Rao, Ting Dai
20 Vekua type hierarchical models for prismatic shells with mixed conditions on face surfaces /George Jaiani
21 A microwave foaming method for fabricating glass fiber reinforced phenolic foam /Jaeheon Choe, Minkook Kim, Jinwhan Kim, Dai Gil Lee ⇑
22 On the detection of fatigue damage in composites by use of second harmonic guided waves /Natalie Rauter ⇑ , Rolf Lammering, Tim Kühnrich
23 Effect of water ageing on the mechanical and damping properties of flax- fibre reinforced composite materials Khouloud Cheour a, ⇑ , Mustapha Assarar a , Daniel Scida a , Rezak Ayad b , Xiao-Lu Gong c
24 Perforated FRP ribs for shear connecting of FRP-concrete hybrid beams/decks /XingXing Zou a , Peng Feng a , JingQuan Wang b
25 Geometrically nonlinear analysis of functionally graded power-based and carbon nanotubes reinforced composites using a fully integrated solid shell element /J. Reinoso ⇑ , A. Blázquez
26 Effect of crack orientation on fatigue behavior of CFRP-strengthened steel plates /N.J. Aljabar a , X.L. Zhao a, ⇑ , R. Al-Mahaidi b , E. Ghafoori c , M. Motavalli c , N. Powers d
27 Free vibration and buckling of laminated beams via hybrid Ritz solution for various penalized boundary conditions /J.L. Mantari a, ⇑ , F.G. Canales b
28 Variability of dynamic responses of frequency dependent visco-elastic sandwich beams with material and physical properties modeled by spatial random fields /Frédéric Druesne a, ⇑ , Mohamed Hamdaoui b , Pascal Lardeur a , El Mostafa Daya b
29 Mixed shell element for static and buckling analysis of variable angle tow composite plates /G. Zucco a , R.M.J. Groh b , A. Madeo a, ⇑ , P.M. Weaver b
30 Low-velocity impact resistance of aluminium glass laminates – Experimental and numerical investigation /Jaroslaw Bienias ⇑ , Patryk Jakubczak, Konrad Dadej
31 Three-dimensional vibration analysis of layered and functionally graded plates through sampling surfaces formulation /G.M. Kulikov ⇑ , S.V. Plotnikova, M.G. Kulikov, P.V. Monastyrev
32 Development of innovative hybrid sandwich panel slabs: Advanced numerical simulations and parametric studies /M. Mastali a, ⇑ , I.B. Valente b , Joaquim A.O. Barros b
33 Numerical modeling of laser-induced shock experiments for the development of the adhesion test for bonded composite materials /Romain Ecault a, ⇑ , Fabienne Touchard b , Michel Boustie b , Laurent Berthe c , Nicolas Dominguez a
34 Hierarchical honeycomb lattice metamaterials with improved thermal resistance and mechanical properties /Yanyu Chen, Zian Jia, Lifeng Wang ⇑
35 Fatigue crack growth analysis in layered heterogeneous material systems using peridynamic approach /Jeehyun Jung, Jongwon Seok ⇑
36 Postbuckling analysis of bi-axially compressed laminated nanocomposite plates using the first-order shear deformation theory /L.W. Zhang a , K.M. Liew b,c, ⇑ , J.N. Reddy d
37 Analysis of performance of in-situ carbon steel bar reinforced Al-alloy foams /Isabel Duarte a, ⇑ , Lovre Krstulovic´-Opara b , Matej Vesenjak c
38 Development of insulated FRP-confined Precast Concrete Sandwich panel with side and top confining plates and dry bond /Thomas G. Norris a , An Chen b, ⇑
39 Aramid/glass fiber-reinforced thermal break – Structural system performance /Kyriaki Goulouti, Julia de Castro, Thomas Keller ⇑
40 Damage analysis of out of plane undulated fiber composites /Sina Eskandari ⇑ , F.M. Andrade Pires, P.P. Camanho, A.T. Marques
41 Numerical analysis of the DCB test configuration applicability to mechanically coupled Fiber Reinforced Laminated Composite beams /Sylwester Samborski
42 Analytical and numerical method for free vibration of double-axially functionally graded beams /Mohammad Rezaiee-Pajand ⇑ , Seyed Mojtaba Hozhabrossadati
43 Bond behaviour of Steel Reinforced Polymer strengthening systems /Annalisa Napoli a , Gianmarco de Felice b , Stefano De Santis b , Roberto Realfonzo a, ⇑
44 Nonlinear analyses of functionally graded microplates based on a general four-variable refined plate model and the modified couple stress theory /Jia Lou a , Liwen He a, ⇑ , Jianke Du a , Huaping Wu b
45 Buckling stability of steel strip reinforced thermoplastic pipe subjected to external pressure /Yong Bai a , Ting Liu a , Peng Cheng a, ⇑ , Shuai Yuan a , Dengzun Yao b , Gao Tang
46 Design of carbon/epoxy–aluminum hybrid upper arm of the pantograph of high-speed trains using adhesive bonding technique /Seung-Woo Jeon a , Yong Hyeon Cho b , Min-Gu Han c , Seung-Hwan Chan
47 A refined five-unknown higher-order model including transverse normal hygrothermal deformation /Wu Zhen ⇑ , Xu Qi, Lu Shaowei, Ren Xiaohui
48 The reversibility of Mode-I and -II interlaminar fracture toughness after hydrothermal aging of Carbon/Benzoxazine composites with a thermoplastic toughening interlayer /N.H. Nash, T.M. Young, W.F. Stanley ⇑
49 Identification of disbond and high density core region in a honeycomb composite sandwich structure using ultrasonic guided waves /Shirsendu Sikdar ⇑ , Sauvik Banerjee
50 3D energy-based finite element elasticity approach for shear postbuckling analysis of functionally graded plates on elastic foundations /M. Shariyat a, ⇑ , K. Asemi b
51 Shear capacity of hybrid composite-concrete beams: A theoretical approach /S. De Sutter ⇑ , S. Verbruggen, T. Tysmans
52 Optimal dimension of arch-type steel fibre-reinforced cementitious composite for shotcrete /Su-Jin Lee, A-Hyeon Eom, Su-Ji Ryu, Jong-Pil Won ⇑
53 Shear behaviour of hybrid composite-concrete beams: Experimental failure and strain analysis /S. De Sutter ⇑ , S. Verbruggen, T. Tysmans
54 Effects of triangle-shape fiber on the transverse mechanical properties of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced plastics /Lei Yang a , Xin Liu a, ⇑ , Zhanjun Wu a , Rongguo Wang b
55 Experimental investigation on the energy absorption and contact force of unstiffened and grid-stiffened composite cylindrical shells under lateral compression /Majid Moeinifard a , Gholamhossein Liaghat a,b, ⇑ , Gholamhossein Rahimi a , Ali Talezadehlari a , Homayoun Hadavinia b
56 Effect of fiber transverse isotropy on effective thermal conductivity of metal matrix composites reinforced by randomly distributed fibers Wenlong Tian a,b , Lehua Qi a, ⇑ , Changqing Su a , Jian Liu c , Jiming Zhou a
57 Influence of porosity on ultrasonic wave velocity, attenuation and interlaminar interface echoes in composite laminates: Finite element simulations and measurements /Yosuke Ishii a,1 , Shiro Biwa a, ⇑ , Akira Kuraishi b
58 Influence of plies’ orientations on the stress distribution in adhesively bonded laminate composite joints subjected to impact loadings /Rachad Hazimeh a , Ramzi Othman b, ⇑ , Khaled Khalil c,d , Georges Challita e
59 Buckling and postbuckling of composite beams in hygrothermal environments /Samir Emam a,1, ⇑ , M.A. Eltaher b
60 Optimal design of composite sandwich structures by considering multiple structure cases /Haichao An, Shenyan Chen ⇑ , Hai Huang
61 Effect of adhesive quantity on failure behavior and mechanical properties of fiber metal laminates based on the aluminum–lithium alloy /Huaguan Li a,c , Yubing Hu a , Xuelong Fu a , Xingwei Zheng b , Hongbing Liu b , Jie Tao a,c
62 Design and application of composite platform with extreme low thermal deformation for satellite /Du Zhengchun ⇑ , Zhu Mengrui, Wang Zhiguo, Yang Jianguo
63 Flexural performance of sandwich beams with lattice ribs and a functionally multilayered foam core /Weiqing Liu a, ⇑ , Fubin Zhang b, ⇑ , Lu Wang a , Yujun Qi a , Ding Zhou a , Bo Su b
64 Analysis of dispersive waves in repetitive lattices based on homogenized second-gradient continuum models /H. Reda a,b , Y. Rahali c , J.F. Ganghoffer a, ⇑ , H. Lakiss
65 Bending and benchmark of zero Poisson’s ratio cellular structures /Jian Huang a,c , Qiuhua Zhang a , Fabrizio Scarpa b, ⇑ , Yanju Liu a , Jinsong Leng c
66 Development and qualification of a new polymeric matrix laminated composite for pipe repair /N.R.F. Rohem a , L.J. Pacheco b , S. Budhe b , M.D. Banea b , E.M. Sampaio c , S. de Barros
67 New perspectives on impact damaging of thermoset- and thermoplastic-matrix composites from thermographic images /C. Meola a, ⇑ , S. Boccardi a , N.D. Boffa a , F. Ricci a , G. Simeoli b , P. Russo c , G.M. Carlomagno a
68 Thermo-mechanical analysis of laminated composite and sandwich beams based on a variables separation /P. Vidal ⇑ , L. Gallimard, O. Polit
69 Experimental analysis of CFRP laminates subjected to compression after edge impact Benjamin Ostré a , Christophe Bouvet a, ⇑ , Clément Minot b , Jacky Aboissière b
70 Numerical modelling of reinforced concrete beams repaired by TRC composites Ba Tam Truong a , Amir Si Larbi b, ⇑ , Ali Limam a
71 Optimisation of ply drop order in variable stiffness laminates /François-Xavier Irisarri a, ⇑ , Daniël M.J. Peeters b , Mostafa M. Abdalla b
72 Enhancement of tensile strength of embedded parts in carbon fiber- reinforced plastic/aluminum honeycomb sandwich structures for vehicle /Jianfeng Wang a,b , Haibo Gao b, ⇑ , Liang Ding b, ⇑ , Yajing Xie a , Baoyu Song b , Jiachen Ma a , Mingjin Lin c , Renjie Sun c
73 Numerical-based smeared stiffener method for global buckling analysis of grid-stiffened composite cylindrical shells /Bo Wang a , Kuo Tian a , Peng Hao a, ⇑ , Yanbing Zheng a , Yunlong Ma b , Jiebing Wang c
74 Fracture-based interface model for NSM FRP systems in concrete /Mário Coelho a , Antonio Caggiano b , José Sena-Cruz a, ⇑ , Luís Neves c
75 Nonlinear buckling behaviours of thin-walled functionally graded open section beams Domagoj Lanc a, ⇑ , Goran Turkalj a , Thuc P. Vo b,c, ⇑ , Josip Brnic´ a
76 Experimental investigation of hybrid material systems consisting of advanced composites and sheet metal /M. Dlugosch a, ⇑ , D. Lukaszewicz b , J. Fritsch a , S. Hiermaier
77 Thermal behaviour and dynamic mechanical analysis of Pennisetum purpureum/glass-reinforced epoxy hybrid composites /M.J.M. Ridzuan a , M.S. Abdul Majid a, ⇑ , M. Afendi a , M.N. Mazlee b , A.G. Gibson
78 Progressive damage analysis of PFRP double-lap bolted joints using explicit finite element method /Ao Du, Yuqing Liu ⇑ , Haohui Xin, Yize Zuo
79 Effect of waviness and orientation of carbon nanotubes on random apparent material properties and RVE size of CNT reinforced composites /Dimitrios Savvas a, ⇑ , George Stefanou b , Vissarion Papadopoulos a , Manolis Papadrakakis
80 Structural optimization for CFRP cryogenic tank based on energy release rate /Hayato Fukui a , Akinori Yoshimura b, ⇑ , Ryosuke Matsuzaki a
81 Imaging defects in laminate composite plates using focused shear waves generated by air-coupled transducer /J.-Y. Kim a, ⇑ , C.-W. In b , K. H. Sun c , J. S. Song c , J.-H. Lee
82 Acoustic transmission properties of pressurised and pre-stressed composite structures /T. Ampatzidis ⇑ , D. Chronopoulos
83 A strain-hardening microplane damage model for thin-walled textile-reinforced concrete shells, calibration procedure, and experimental validation /R. Chudoba ⇑ , E. Sharei, A. Scholzen
84 Biomimetic-inspired CFRP to perforated steel joints /Evangelos I. Avgoulas ⇑ , Michael P.F. Sutcliffe
85 Modeling Kapitza resistance of two-phase composite material /Bo He d , Bohayra Mortazavi c , Xiaoying Zhuang d,e,f , Timon Rabczuk a,b,c, ⇑
86 Hygrothermal behavior of a CFRR-metal adhesively bonded joint with coupled transfer of heat and moisture through the thickness /Ting Dai, Hong-Liang Dai
87 A dynamic analysis approach for identifying the elastic properties of unstitched and stitched composite plates /Nan Li ⇑ , Mabrouk Ben Tahar, Zoheir Aboura, Kamel Khellil
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