Composite structures, Tập 150, Số 1, 2016-8

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Size-dependent constituent equations of piezoelectric bimorphs /Zheng Shijie a, ⇑ , Chen Ming a,b , Li Zongjun c , Wang Hongtao c
4 A finite element model for propagating delamination in laminated composite plates based on the Virtual Crack Closure method /Miroslav Marjanovic´ a, ⇑ , Günther Meschke b , Djordje Vuksanovic´ a,
5 Corrigendum to: ‘‘First flexural and interlaminar shear failure in symmetric cross-ply carbon-fibre laminates with different response under tension and compression” [Compos Struct 146 (2016) 62–68] /M.C. Serna Moreno ⇑ , A. Romero Gutiérrez, J.L. Martínez Vicente
6 Shear stiffness of neo-Hookean materials with spherical voids /Zaoyang Guo a,b,c , Yang Chen b , Xiongqi Peng d , Xiaohao Shi e,b , Haitao Li b, ⇑ , Yuli Chen c, ⇑
7 Finite element modelling of short steel tubes filled with rubberized concrete /A.P.C. Duarte a , B.A. Silva b , N. Silvestre a, ⇑ , J. de Brito b , E. Júlio b , J.M. Castro c
8 Comparison of cyclic fatigue behavior between C/SiC and SiC/SiC ceramic-matrix composites at elevated temperatures using hysteresis dissipated energy
9 Vibration analysis of a specially orthotropic composite laminate with rectangular cutout using independent coordinate coupling method /Bin Huang a, ⇑ , Ji Wang a , Jianke Du a , Tingfeng Ma a , Yan Guo b , Zhenghua Qian c
10 Geometrically nonlinear analysis of composite laminated structures with multiple macro-fiber composite (MFC) actuators /Shun-Qi Zhang a,b, ⇑ , Zhan-Xi Wang a , Xian-Sheng Qin a , Guo-Zhong Zhao b , Rüdiger Schmidt c
11 Hybrid composite wires for tensile armours in flexible risers: Manufacturing and mechanical characterisation M. Gautam a , P. Potluri a, ⇑ , K.B. Katnam b , V. Jha c , J. Leyland c , J. Latto c , N. Dodds c
12 Concurrent topological design of composite thermoelastic macrostructure and microstructure with multi-phase material for maximum stiffness /B. Xu a, ⇑ , X. Huang b , S.W. Zhou b , Y.M. Xie b
13 Analysis of laminated composites and sandwich structures by trigonometric, exponential and miscellaneous polynomials and a MITC9 plate element M. Filippi ⇑ , M. Petrolo, S. Valvano, E. Carrera
14 Stiffness tailoring of elliptical composite cylinders for axial buckling performance /Mohammad Rouhi a, ⇑ , Hossein Ghayoor a , Suong V. Hoa a , Mehdi Hojjati a , Paul M. Weaver b
15 Enhanced fatigue performances of hybrid nanoreinforced filament wound carbon/epoxy composite pipes /Tugay Üstün a , Volkan Eskizeybek b, ⇑ , Ahmet Avci a
16 GWFMM model for bi-modulus orthotropic materials: Application to mechanical analysis of 4D-C/C composites /W.H. Xie, Z.J. Peng, S.H. Meng ⇑ , C.H. Xu, F.J. Yi, S.Y. Du
17 Design and behavior of steel–concrete–steel sandwich plates subject to concentrated loads /Jia-Bao Yan a,b, ⇑ , J.Y. Richard Liew
18 A review of input data and modelling assumptions in longitudinal strength models for unidirectional fibre-reinforced composites /Yentl Swolfs ⇑ , Ignaas Verpoest, Larissa Gorbatikh
19 Progressive failure analysis on scaled open-hole tensile composite laminates /Hongchen Bao, Guangyan Liu ⇑
20 Bending of the composite lattice cylindrical shell with the midspan rigid disk loaded by transverse inertia forces /A.V. Lopatin a , E.V. Morozov b, ⇑ , A.V. Shatov a
21 Rotating nanocomposite thin-walled beams undergoing large deformation /Mohammad Rafiee a, ⇑ , Fred Nitzsche b , Michel Labrosse a
22 Mechanical performance of glued-laminated timber beams symmetrically reinforced with steel bars /Julio Soriano a, ⇑ , Bruno Piva Pellis a , Nilson Tadeu Mascia b
23 Nonlinear thermo-electro-mechanical dynamic behaviour of FGPM beams /M. Komijani, R. Gracie ⇑
24 A series–parallel mixture model to predict the overall property of particle reinforced composites /J.F. Tan a , Y.J. Jia b , L.X. Li a, ⇑
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